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This page exists to list books about Linux hardware -- how Linux interacts with hardware, what hardware to buy for Linux, etc.

I also have information on and recommendations about other Linux-related books.

The Linux Hardware Handbook

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My Linux Hardware Handbook is devoted to the topic of Linux's interaction with hardware. I cover all the major hardware devices, such as the CPU, motherboard, SCSI host adapter, printer, and so on. For each component, I outline what it does and what special concerns you as a Linux user should have about the device, such as where to go to find drivers and what you can expect in the way of reduced, the same, or improved hardware functionality compared to Windows or other OSs. I also maintain a Web page devoted to additional information related to this book. If you want a broad introduction to x86 hardware with a strong Linux emphasis, this is your book; if you want something with more detail on the nitty-gritty of hardware operation and less on Linux, check Upgrading and Repairing PCs, Linux Edition.

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