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These are some of the books I've read recently and enjoyed or that are long-time favorites of mine. Mostly these are science fiction titles.

J. K. Rowling

The Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling have become quite popular of late, and justifiably so. They're children's books, but if you're an adult, don't dismiss them out of hand for that, since they're quite entertaining, with amusing characters and plot twists.

David Brin

David Brin has been one of my favorite science fiction authors for several years, because of his ability to create fascinating aliens and to construct plots that build almost imperceptibly in intensity, leaving one unable to put the book down. Plan to read the final half of most Brin books in a single sitting.

Larry Niven

Larry Niven, like David Brin, is one of my favorite authors because of his creative aliens and future history, Known Space. Niven's plots tend not to be nearly as complex as are Brin's, however, and his characters are not generally as well-drawn. Nessus, from Ringworld and a few short stories, remains one of my favorite alien characters, however.

Other authors

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