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This page exists to list books about WordPerfect for Linux, and also about other office productivity tools. I've written one such book, so of course I'd prefer that you buy mine! ;-) Still, mine may not be suitable for all occasions, so here's the complete selection, to the best of my knowledge.

Special Edition Using Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux

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My Special Edition Using Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux covers features of WordPerfect that are common across platforms, such as how to create multi-column layouts or perform a mail merge. In addition, the book covers Linux/UNIX-specific features, such as installing fonts and printer drivers, sending faxes from WordPerfect for Linux, and using Linux/UNIX filesystem features such as links to best advantage with WordPerfect. This book will suit you well if you need a comprehensive guide to WordPerfect for Linux. You may also want to check my web page devoted to fonts and printers under WordPerfect for Linux.

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Here are the additional WordPerfect titles that I've read, or at least skimmed:

Here are some books about WordPerfect for Linux that I have not read:

Here are some books about other office productivity tools under Linux. I'm afraid I haven't read any of these, so I can't say a lot about any of them.

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