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This page exists to list books about Samba. I've written two such books, and there's considerable overlap between books on this topic. The field is broad enough, however, that the ideal Samba book for one individual may not be the best for another. This page is intended to give you some guidance on what book is best for you.

In case you don't already know, Samba is a software package for Linux, UNIX, and other platforms that allows these OSs to participate in Windows-style SMB/CIFS networking. These protocols provide file and printer sharing services. The result is that a Linux or UNIX computer can function as a file or print server on a Windows network, or use file and printer shares on such a network. Samba comes with all major Linux distributions, or you can check its Web page for more information.

Samba books invariably assume that the reader knows something about basic system administration and networking. If you're unsure of your abilities in this respect, you should probably check my list of basic networking books, and buy one of those instead of or in addition to a book specific to Samba. I also have information on and recommendations about other Linux-related books.

The Definitive Guide to Samba 3

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My twelfth book, The Definitive Guide to Samba 3, is, as you might guess, a book on version 3.0 of Samba. Unlike my previous Samba book, Linux Samba Server Administration, which covers Samba 2.0, this new book describes Samba and its operation on multiple OSs, including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, and others. It includes coverage of Samba 3.0's new features, such as the ability to migrate a domain from a Windows NT domain controller and the new net utility. I maintain a separate Web page on this book. Approximate page count: 600.

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Linux Samba Server Administration

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My Linux Samba Server Administration, part of Sybex's Craig Hunt Linux Library, is marketed as a book on Samba for Linux. Most of the book is applicable to Samba running on other platforms, but when appropriate, the book emphasizes the Linux options, such as smbmount vs. smbwrapper and common Linux binary packages. Whenever applicable, I've presented examples of the use of features to do useful and interesting things, such as using pseudo-printers to create PDF files or preexec/postexec scripts to create CD-R image files. I've tried to create a book that's packed with useful information without being difficult to read. This book covers through Samba 2.0.7, with additional comments on the experimental Samba TNG release. It has no companion CD-ROM. I also maintain a Web page devoted to additional information related to this book. Page count: 600.

A review by Matt Franz in the February, 2001 issue of Cisco's Security Bytes Newsletter called this "simply the best book on the Samba in print" and went on to say that "it should be required reading for any UNIX admins who must deal with Windows boxes on a regular basis."

Chapter 14 of this book, "Samba Security Considerations," has been excerpted in Sybex's Security Complete. Chapters 1-5 have been excerpted in Sybex's Linux Complete.

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Here are some additional books on Samba that I've read or at least examined in stores.

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