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This page exists to list books about Linux networking. I've written two such books, but the topic of Linux networking is broad enough that you may need something other than or in addition to my book, so I list several possibilities on this page. In addition to this page, I've devoted a separate page to Samba, the file and print server package. (One of my Linux networking books is about Samba.)

I also have information on and recommendations about other Linux-related books.

Advanced Linux Networking

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My ninth book, Advanced Linux Networking, is a general-purpose Linux networking book, but its focus is unique: This book covers advanced topics and those that don't get much coverage in typical Linux networking books. For instance, the chapter on Samba includes information on using Samba's scripting features to set up a network-accessible CD-burning station, and there are chapters on time servers, font servers, and other often-overlooked servers. This book is of interest to professional system administrators or advanced Linux hobbyists who want a compact reference and tutorial to help them expand their Linux networking expertise. I maintain a separate Web page on this book. Page count: 752.

This book has been reviewed by Michael J. Jordan on Linux Online. He writes "if you want to take advantage of Linux's strengths in a networked environment, this is the book for you. I highly recommend it."

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Broadband Internet Connections

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My eighth book, Broadband Internet Connections: A User's Guide to DSL and Cable, describes how to get the most out of a high-speed Internet connection. The book begins with a discussion of the technologies involved (DSL, cable, satellite, and so on), proceeds on to hardware and software configuration, and moves on to discussions of running popular servers, sharing a connection among several computers, and broadband security issues. I wrote the book with small businesses and home users in mind, and especially those who want to go beyond merely browsing the Web at high speed. Broadband connections open up a world of possibilities that aren't often explored with dial-up connections, and this book serves as an introduction to these possibilities. It's not strictly a Linux book, but includes Linux coverage along with information on configuring Windows and MacOS systems for boradband. I maintain a separate Web page on this book. Approximate page count: 600.

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Linux: Networking for Your Office

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My Linux: Networking for Your Office covers using Linux as a server in a small office or home office (SOHO) network environment. The focus is on file and printer sharing (using UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh protocols), and on internet connectivity (PPP links, DSL and cable modems, IP masquerading). The book also contains information on basic network configuration, using Linux remotely via Telnet, SSH, or X, and more. Although marketed for corporate buyers, this book is also great for those wanting to set up a private home network. (Note: The original working title for this book was SOHO Linux Networking, and some retailers list it by that title as of December 7, but the title changed late in the production process.) I also maintain a Web page devoted to additional information related to this book.

According to, people who bought this book also bought Linux Network Servers 24Seven, Maximum Linux Security, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Teach Yourself GIMP in 24 Hours, Red Hat Linux Network Toolkit, Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, PHP Essentials, and Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls.

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Here are the additional Linux networking titles I can recommend. I've read at least substantial parts of most of these books and have found them useful.

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