Informal Long Lens Tests

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Here are the long lens test results. First, the overall scene, reduced in resolution to 600 pixels wide:

The Tair-11 133mm:

The Pentax Takumar 135mm:

The Tamron 70-210mm at 135mm:

Now here are two 600x400 pixel details from the full 2700 dpi scans:

The Tair-11 133mm text detail:

The Pentax Takumar 135mm text detail:

The Tamron 70-210mm at 135mm text detail:

The Tair-11 133mm stone detail:

The Pentax Takumar 135mm stone detail:

The Tamron 70-210mm at 135mm stone detail:

Overall, the Pentax Takumar 135mm is the clear winner. The Tair-11 is nearly as sharp, but much less contrasty. The Tamron's performance compared to these two is disappointing -- enough so that I'm suspicious the focus may have been a bit off.

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