Informal Normal Lens Tests

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Here are the normal lens test results. First, the overall scene, reduced in resolution to 600 pixels wide:

The Pentax-M 50mm:

The Chinon 50mm:

The Helios 44K-4 58mm:

The Industar 50mm:

The Tamron 28-70 at 50mm:

Now here are two 600x400 pixel details from the full 2700 dpi scans:

The Pentax-M 50mm text detail:

The Chinon 50mm text detail:

The Helios 44K-4 58mm text detail:

The Industar 50mm text detail:

The Tamron 28-70 at 50mm text detail:

The Pentax-M 50mm stone detail:

The Chinon 50mm stone detail:

The Helios 44K-4 58mm stone detail:

The Industar 50mm stone detail:

The Tamron 28-70 at 50mm stone detail:

Overall, the Helios 44K-4 seems to be the sharpest and most contrasty; however, it may have a slight edge because of its slightly longer focal length, which results in slightly greater magnification of the letters, which might create an illusion of better clarity. Even taking that into account, I think it's a bit sharper than the others. Next comes the Chinon, then the Pentax, the Industar, and finally the Tamron. I'm a bit suspicious of the Tamron's low showing, though; it did much better at 35mm.

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